Leather Belts That Are Most Commonly Worn


Having a quality leather belt is an investment that everyone should make at one point in their lives. Not only does a belt serve the practical purpose of keeping our clothing on, but it can also be a gorgeous fashion statement. There are a huge range of different belt styles available for purchase, although some tend to be more popular than others among leather fans.

Before going and purchasing a new belt, have a look at which leather belts are the most common and how they have earned their unique attractions.

Classic Brown Leather Belt

There’s no beating a classic, and few belts are quite as classic as the simple brown leather belt. These are usually smooth and without any markings, offering a plain but functional accessory that works with just about any outfit. It might seem boring to some, but this is the perfect choice for anyone that wants a more classic look to match what they are wearing.

Braided Leather Belt

A braided belt is one that has leather strips interwoven together to create a unique style of Celtic knots that makes for a stunning belt best worn alongside open, flowing clothing. These are the kinds of belts that often come with bronze belt buckles, each with their own design, and are meant to provide the wearer a look of being upper class and wealthy.

Thin Women’s Belt

These thin and often split belts are not meant to be as functional as they are attractive, although they can certainly help most clothing stay in place. It’s the perfect belt to pair with some skinny jeans and has become a favourite for women across the world.

Embossed Leather Belt

An aesthetically pleasing cross between the classic and braided belt, this embossed creation offers much more durable build quality while also providing a trendy and modern feel to whoever is wearing it, perfect for the kind of high class person that enjoys the best odds around. These are usually made from higher grade leathers, and are carefully crafted by hand by an artisan, meaning that they can often be fairly expensive to buy brand new. It’s usually worth it, however, as few other kinds of belts work quite as well as this when it comes to formal clothing.

Traditional Women’s Belt

This is the type of accessory that’s meant to be paired with some equally attractive jewellery and is most commonly worn by women. The belt is a mixture of metal and leather – sometimes fully silver or gold plated – providing the wearer with a shiny addition to whatever they are wearing for the day. Belts like this also tend to be more practical than the previously mentioned thin women’s belt and can be used in most outfit choices.

Hammered Belt

Based on the kinds of belts that would be found in Nordic countries, this is a belt with some hammered metal attached at different ends, giving it the unique appearance of being older than it really is. Finding someone to do the metal work can be hard to pull off, but the finished product is usually worth the extra effort.