The Art That Is The Classic Leather Boot


Boots are no longer just a utility shoe for people who are in the military. They are now a must-have addition to any winter (or in fact, summer) wardrobe. And although there are all sorts of boots available, if you really want to be chic, the only thing to buy is a pair of genuine leather boots.

There are so many styles which are available out there and, as boots made from leather don’t come cheap, you need to be very sure that you want that particular pair of boots and not another. So, in this article, we’ll give you some guidance on how to choose the perfect pair of leather boots for you.

Choose A Pair Of Boots That Fits Your Body Type

If you have legs with a well-defined calf, slim-fitting boots will: a) not fit you properly and b) make your legs look huge if you try and squash your legs into a pair of these boots.

So, if you have more well-developed calves, go for a boot that has some sort of give. (This is obviously if you want to go for knee-length boots.) However, if you prefer ankle boots, go for something with a wedge to give you some height.

Don’t Get A Pair Of Boots Which Is Too Big For You

As leather stretches, if you choose a pair of boots that is one or two sizes too big for you, you’ll end up with your feet slipping and sliding in them. By the same token, if you choose boots that are too small for you, no matter how much you wear them in, they’ll still be that – too small. And you’ll probably end up with feet that are riddled with blisters from you trying to wear them in.

There are a number of ways in which you can stretch leather. One of these is by submerging the leather item in water for 10 minutes and making sure that the water fully permeates the shoes. The fact that the leather becomes sodden makes it more pliable. When they’re wet, put the boots on and they will mould perfectly to your feet and legs.

Decide What Outfit You Want To Pair With Your Boots

If you are a ‘jeans-and-T-shirt’ person who enjoys casual entertainment like smartphone gaming fun, you’ll want to choose an ankle boot as the pants will allow you to show off this boot to the maximum. Alternatively, if you like wearing skinny jeans, having a boot that is worn over the jeans looks very good. If you prefer wearing skirts and tights, we recommend that you also opt for a knee-length boot as you’ll be able to show off the boot to its fullest.

Remember that the whole point of getting a pair of leather boots is to show them off, so there’s no point in hiding a pair of gorgeous, knee-length riding boots under a pair of jeans. So choose a pair that complements your style and don’t rearrange your life (and your fashion style) to fit around the boots.