Dos And Don’ts Of Leather Pants


Leather pants are the kind of fashion item that never really go out of style but are also a bit of a challenge to wear in everyday life. They certainly make a statement and are always bold and in your face. So, how do you make this great, constant staple of the fashion world work for you?

Find The Right Fit

Leather pants are just like regular pants these days. When looking for a pair, consider what you would normally look for in a pair of jeans or trousers. Look at the shape of the leg – straight, boot, slim, skinny – and how high they sit on your hips or waist. There is no end to the silhouette you can achieve.

Pick A Suitable Finish

Leather is available in a multitude of finishes. You get natural colors, died colors, patterns, rough, shiny, distressed and more. The finish of the material will have a big impact on how you style the pants and where you can wear them.

For an everyday look, a distressed or natural finish (not shiny) is far more useful. As is a darker color that looks fairly natural – black, dark brown and tan. These will be able to take you to the office, out to lunch and then to the bar at night.

Mix And Match Fabrics

Denim on denim might be a thing, but leather on leather is not. Pair your paint with other fabrics to create different looks that are appropriate for the occasion. A denim jacket goes well with a pair of slim fitting leather pants, as do well-tailored blazers for a more sophisticated look. You can also pair your leather pants with a soft jersey or knit top to create a combination of hard and soft.

Pastel colors also go brilliantly with a hard leather look. This adds another element of juxtaposition that isn’t just for women to try. Black leather pants with a pastel blue shirt can look very cool if they’re all the right cut. This softer color takes the edge off the overall look without taking away from the fashionable statement of the pants.

Stick To One Statement

Leather pants on their own are enough of a statement for your outfit – even the plain black pants. You don’t need to ramp the ensemble up with other statement items like bling sneakers or a loud shirt. Try to keep the outfit in the 2020s and not looking like you’re out of the movie Grease.

Layer It Up

The thing with leather pants is that they can be a statement item that also works as a solid base to a great outfit. Just like smartphone games online, they’re multi-faceted.  Layering your look is especially impactful if you have slim fitted pants or leggings on. Long tunic tops with a sleeveless cardigan and a jacket over that can look great as long as the colours all go together. Throw a chunky knit scarf around your neck and you have a look that’s fun and fashionable.