Types Of Leather For Your Watch


A watch strap is one of the best places where we can get creative with our leather selection. A good watch is a permanent piece, and the type of strap you use can make a big difference to your personal appearance.

There are a few reasons a watch strap is the perfect place to experiment with some interesting types of leather.

  • Size – Some great leathers can be extremely expensive. A watch strap is one of the smallest leather accessories where we can experiment with different types of leather while only using a small amount of leather.
  • Visibility – A watch strap can be a great eye-catcher. Unlike a wallet which will be hidden in your pocket or purse all the time, a watch strap is always on display, as part of your fashion ensemble.
  • Interchangeable – The interchangeability of a watch strap means not only can you have several straps for a watch, but a new interesting leather strap can be a great way to bring new life into an older or less special watch in your collection. Whether you have one watch or a dozen, a few specials straps can make every time you wear a watch feel special.

Stingray Leather

Traditionally used on the swords of the samurai, stingray leather is a great candidate for a stunning watch strap. Stingray leather is hard enough to be long-lasting on your wrist, but with enough give to be comfortable for a daily wear.

While being expensive, it is no more expensive than other exotic leathers and in this smaller quantity should be easily attainable.

Stingray leather is most noticeable by the stunning pearl shaped bumps which are raised from the surface, giving a look which is considerably different from any other leather on the market.

Ostrich Leather

Ostrich leather is one of the most durable yet softest leathers available. The soft skin feel makes ostrich leather a great addition as a permanent watch strap.

The darker colour tones with smaller coloured bumps give this leather the perfect classic styling for a great classic watch. Ostrich leather is usually more expensive than traditional cow leather, but is cheap when compared to other exotic leathers, while still having an amazing feel.

Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo leather, while not the most exotic leather around, greatly excels in its strength, making it the perfect leather to try interesting new straps with.

Making a leather braided watch strap or a watch strap with specific cut-outs will be best suited to kangaroo leather, as it can be cut thinly while retaining its impressive strength. Kangaroo leather is not too expensive and can be easily dyed, making it the perfect leather for trying to make your own special watch strap out of.

Match The Watch

When making or buying a new leather strap for one of your time pieces, be sure to take the dial colour, case colour, and strap mounting into consideration.

Having a stand-out strap will work best with a watch to match the vibrant colour scheme.