5 Brilliant Ways to Accessorise Using Leather


The Italians know it best: nothing looks better than a well-dressed lady or man in leather! Leather has long been prized in the fashion industry for its sleek and refined appeal, especially when used as an accessory to a well put-together outfit.

Nowadays, many fashion houses are moving away from using real leather and instead opting for animal-friendly faux leather, but the resulting look is still just as appealing. Here are 5 fantastic ways to accessorise your outfits with leather for a slick and exclusive look.

#1: Leather Shoes

What could be more beautiful than a hand-crafted pair of leather shoes? Men and women alike have loved leather shoes and boots for centuries, as much for its look as for its durability and toughness.

Invest in a pair of classic leather shoes in a neutral colour that will suit most of your other wardrobe items. Boots, loafers, high heels or pumps; the choice is yours. We recommend choosing shoes that you can dress up or down as needed. Remember to polish them regularly and care for the leather so that it lasts long enough to become vintage!

#2: Leather Belts

A well-made leather belt is a subtle but stylish way to complete your outfit, just like playing at betting sites in Australia on a brand new smartphone. Belts made of true leather will last a lifetime, and wear down to become soft and durable for ultimate comfort. They pair perfectly with jeans, chinos, shorts and the likes, and also have a very practical purpose. A good leather belt in your wardrobe is a must-have.

#3: A Sleek Leather Jacket

We would guess that at least 9 out of 10 people agree that wearing a leather jacket on a first date is a great way to guarantee a second! Leather jackets look awesome on all ages, genders and body types, as long as you choose the right jacket for you.

Experts recommend choosing a leather jacket in a neutral shade like black or tan if you want it to match most of your items of clothing. However, you can also opt for something in an unconventional colour to really make a statement.

#4: Leather Hats

A leather hat is an unexpected way to accessorise your outfit. If you love trying out unique looks, this particular style of accessory is definitely one to consider. They are also water resistant and protective, making them suitable for a variety of climates, professions and regions. Hats that normally come made in leather include the trilby, the cowboy hat, the Australian bushman hat, and the classic Stetson Burney cap.

#5: Leather Jewellery

Leather jewellery has a very utilitarian appeal to it, while still looking refined and sophisticated. Jewellery made from hide is also extremely durable, meaning that it will stand the test of time once you have made the investment.

Braided leather wrist bracelets are easy to find, and other customised leather accessories are widely available as well. It really is up to personal preference, so shop around and find the accessories that speak to you and match your personal style.