Modern Ways To Incorporate Leather Into Your Home Décor


Leather is a great fabric for home décor. It’s surprisingly versatile and you can’t beat the durability of a well looked after leather. However, many people steer away from it because of its reputation for only fitting in more traditional styles or older homes.

Today, there is no need to shy away from it because interior designers are using leather in some great modern ways. It’s also kid and pet friendly so anyone can feel confident having a leather couch or leather chairs in the kitchen. You just have to make sure you get the right items for your home, and style them in a way that suits you and the way you live.

Go For Lighter Colours

Many leather furniture options are dark because the natural colour of the material is dark – usually brown. Dyed leathers used to often be darker because it’s easier to colour dark over dark, rather than make something lighter. However, it is more than possible to get lighter leather chairs, couches, cushions, etc. through a range of different processes.

If you’re going full on with a living room suite all in leather, a lighter colour will make the room feel more open and the couches less imposing. You’ll also find it easier to make the room look modern and fresh this way, and can create the perfect space for relaxing and enjoying online Bingo for real money. You also don’t have to get all the same colour because leather can be dyed anything under the sun.

Go For A Statement Piece

A large piece of furniture or even a whole set all made out of leather can really dominate a space. If you’re worried about this fabric choice taking over the design of a room, rather just go for one statement item. With this method like this in a room, you’re showing off a certain style and elegance without worrying about overwhelming a space.

Try out something like a beautiful office chair behind your desk or a large, wingback arm chair in your lounge. The trusty ottoman is also a great option for bringing in a touch of leather to any comfortable living room. A headboard clad in leather above your bed is certainly a strong statement.

Mix And Match Your Furniture

The other way to go is for a few smaller items that accent a space. You can start off small by getting leather throw cushions for your lounge or your bed. Try a leather bench at the end of your bed or two benches instead of dining room chairs. It’s nice to get individual pieces that stand alone rather than go for a set of chairs or couches that are identical. This softens the overall density of a rich leather and gives a room more depth and interest.