How to Wear a Leather Jacket in 2020


We all know what an essential role a good leather jacket plays in a wardrobe. It allows us to look cool while we stay warm and this year’s styles are something else!

The Americana

If you feel called to take on the world and want to make sure your strong, edgy side is evident, then the Americana leather jacket is the wrapper for you. It has got big, padded shoulders and a cinched waist to keep you looking trim.

The Button-Up Fitted Leather Jacket

This is an elegant take on this classic look and features a tidy button-up design, a small collar, and stylish fasteners on the cuffs and front pockets. The jacket pairs well with earth and jewel-tone outfits and adds a sassy edge when paired with softer, more feminine styles.

The Crisp White Leather Jacket

You will immediately qualify for entry into the coolest girl gang around when you don this sleek sheath!

With a tight fit and a flattering design, the eye-popping white shade will ensure you are the centre of attention. When you invest in this style you get the perfect casual addition to your more subdued daywear or a banging accent for a loud night out on the town.

You will be glad to hear that you won’t need to get a second job, turn over the money you are making from your side-hustle, or devote all your Aussie sports betting winnings to buying this great look, either!

A Delicate Peach Leather Jacket

There is no rule which limits us to wearing only brown or black jackets, especially when it comes to women’s wear. A lovely pale peach leather jacket is as lustrous and cool as they come despite its lighter colour and the lambskin leather is incredibly soft to the touch.

The Gucci Magic Leather Bomber Jacket

The one-of-a-kind Gucci stripes and scrumptious strawberry decorations make this one of the nicest leather jackets for the ladies despite its loose, more unisex fit.

It is soft and comfortable and retains some structure thanks to the elasticated waist and cuffs.

The Moto Leather Jacket

While wearing any of the wrappers on this list will ensure you stand out, the Moto Leather Jacket will make you shine, too. It is vegan, made from black faux leather, and its clean, cool design ensures it’s on the cutting-edge of modern trends.

The Oversized Leather Jacket

A lambskin number will see you feeling incredibly stylish. Its fabulous androgynous look means it will last many seasons and survive many trends, and the extra room is the last word in comfort.

Add plenty of pockets, an adjustable belt at your hip, and a sideways zipper and you’re good to go.

The Princess Blue Leather Jacket

Keeping warm doesn’t have to mean trundling about like the Michelin Man, as the Princess Blue Leather Jacket is happy to prove. The beautiful blue shade is soft and flattering and the belted waist ensures your shape gets the attention it deserves.